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Ritchie M. Lewis

Title: Attorney At Law
Phone: (909) 948-9890

Ritchie M. Lewis, Esq., places emphasis on helping you defeat the odds that so often appear in favor of the employer.

This office primarily handles employment related cases where there is evidence the worker was wrongfully subjected to adverse employment action, by the employer. While every unfair discipline or termination of employment is not illegal, I pride myself on making a credible assessment on whether the subject conduct violates public policy and proving same to the employer or the court.

Great pride is taken in proving a worker is an employee, when appropriate, despite him or her signing a document portraying them as an independent contractor, giving them numerous rights under the California Labor Code. In addition to litigating or informally resolving various forms of discrimination and sexual harassment cases, considerable attention is devoted to overtime issues, WARN Act cases (insufficient layoff notice), illegal deductions from employee paychecks, meal breaks and retaliation.

Additionally this office handles wrongful death, significant injury cases and insurance coverage issues. After opening this office I became General Counsel for a national trucking firm litigating their coverage issues and overseeing any alleged wrongful death cases they faced in the United States.  

Before opening this office in 2004, I was in General Counsel for a Fortune 500 insurer. While employed for the insurer, I oversaw and researched numerous insurance coverage issues and major injury cases in several states. I testified over a dozen times on some of these issues. Since leaving the insurance industry, I have been retained as a coverage expert by both the plaintiff and defense bar and have testified as an expert in deposition and at trial. This experience coupled with teaching for the Insurance Education Association, enables me to  improve your recovery odds against the insurer in any wrongful death, significant injury or coverage issue case.

Contingency agreements are available for most employment, wrongful death and significant injury cases.