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Did you know if you are a fulltime employee and earned less than two times the state minimum wage ($8.00/hr in 2012) of $33,280, you may be a non-exempt employee entitling you to overtime compensation even if management referred to you as a salaried employee? if you worked more than 8 hours during any given day and or more than 40 hours during any given week, you may be entitled to additional compensation. However as there are numerous exceptions, you should speak to counsel or contact the Labor Commission for additional insight.

There are some employees who earned more than $33,280 in a year who were entitled to overtime. Recent California Court of Appeal cases in May 2013 entitled Negri v Koning & Associates (Employee earned $29.00/hr) and Heyen v Safeway (Assistant Manager was earning $50,200/yr), both found the defendant's respective employee was entitled to overtime pay.

Additionally, if you are terminated or otherwise subjected to adverse employment action due to your complaints or concern that you may be entitled to overtime compensation, you should discuss with counsel familiar with employment issues as the alleged adverse employment action after you complained may violate public policy entitling you to monetary damages.